Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aragorn is King

We just finished a Lord of the Rings marathon here in our house. The Borden and Russell kids watched the extended version of each of the three films three nights in a row, concluding last night at about 1am.

It was awesome. I only watched bits and it was still awesome.

(Did you know that the extended versions are about 4 hours long each? Good grief.)

It was a little difficult trying to get to sleep with the thundering surround-sound booming out of our living room and echoing down the hall to our bedroom every night, but it made for vivid dreaming.

Aragorn has taken up his rightful place as king and all is well again. Phew!

Tolkien...what a guy!


Carla said...

I love the extended editions! A few enthusiastic friends and I did a marathon of all three in one day moving between each others homes eating a different meal in each place. We started at something like 9am in the morning and didn't finish til the middle of the night. It was awesome!!! xc

lisa said...

Oh my word! You really ARE crazy :-)

Sue said...

Love summer time freedom for movies! Third one was thundering through our living room the other night while Emily, Morgan and I watched Sense and Sensibility upstairs. :) A little bit less...thunder for Emily before bed.
Missing You!! Wish for a cup of tea together and maybe a good long walk...LOVE you, Lisa, sweet friend!