Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creative Thought (... or the lack thereof)

It's very quiet on my blog lately.

For me, this means that I'm moving between things too quickly and my weeks are not falling into a rhythm that includes any stillness.

I can hear a Switchfoot cd playing in the living room. "If we're adding to the noise/turn off this song."

I'd say.

Sometimes calendaring depresses me. I feel closed in when there is not much wiggle room. It makes me sad when friends suggest fun weekends and I can't find any way to clear space so that those can happen.

I'm sure I'm whining.

This is a busy season.

Now Switchfoot is into another song--

"I'm not copping out/not copping out/not copping out
And you're raising the dead in me"

Make it so.


dana said...


I am sorry about the noise...golly I miss you! sometimes it is enough to sit in stillness, I think...

you will rest in your lord, I believe, and find the place between...

I love you,

lisa said...

Thanks, Dana.

I love you too.