Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quietly to Bed Now

So Jesse and Trevor are both gone now and we're back to 4 at our house.

It's funny because it hits me the most when I'm setting the table. Only 4 plates? How weird. And how odd was it to make tea in the medium sized blue pot this afternoon? I've been reaching for the GIANT Mother of All Brown Betty's all summer.

So I set the blue pot on the tea tray and I called down the hall to Heather, "Hey, we're eating chocolate today!" She came quickly :-) At least Heath and I know what to do in the face of this melancholy mood.

We sat on the porch and broke open our last bar of Trader Joe's fair trade milk chocolate (God bless Dana forever!) and sighed into our cups.

Tonight in the weird quiet of our home, I am thankful for so much.

I'm thankful for a full summer of unbelievable adventures. I'm thankful for many, many long conversations about all manner of things and life shared as a family. I'm thankful for the relationships the kids have and the way they speak into each other's lives. Some times we'll yell into each other's lives, but that's just they way we are. I'm thankful for the laughter and the dancing and the way we work together.

One of my very favorite things is to fall asleep hearing the boys still talking in the dark of their room. It feels like a sacred time as the 3 brothers discuss and share and wonder and plan. I can't hear the conversation--just the sound of their voices drifting softly down the hall.

I was just wondering how Colin was feeling about going to bed in there alone tonight. But I don't need to wonder any longer. He's just appeared and climbed in across the foot of my bed.

I don't blame him one bit!


Amy said...

My heart breaks for you as I read these last two posts. My own chest tightened and I got goose bumps...for a family I have never even met. I guess that is the gift of motherhood in a way...faces, culture, distance don't get in the way of understanding a mother's love for her children and the relationship they share. I look forward to the stories of the next time your fabulous four are all together again! May your heart find peace until then...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Wish I could sit with you and Heather, drink tea and eat chocolate!

Thinking of you and sending love,

lisa said...

That would be so nice, Dore'. And I could use your help right now as we're in for a long sit and I try to take out all her little braids! We've got Stars Wars on to pass the time :-)

Amy, thanks! Peace, yes. We are peaceful because this is good and right for the boys to be off to college. It's just a blue shade of peace right now.

Sue said...

I love the Colin boyman for remembering to be near when the brothers are not. Must be a huge loss. I had my arms around a sibling that was missing her far away college attending sister. Tears come easy when the heart speaks.
We long for the day you all are once again in the same roof. We love what you have built into your family. IT IS GOOD!!
HUGS to all.

anaka said...

I liked what you said "It's just a blue shade of peace right now" ... I just left home again to go back to college and we know it's the right thing to do, but it kills me everytime I have to get into that plane...
Love to you and your family!