Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Questions as We Approach Elections

Is it ok to kill babies if they aren't wanted?

I don't really think so.

But that's not the only question I have as I consider the up-coming elections.

I don’t know but... Do you that think that slashing forests and mutilating mountains and killing oceans is ok with the one who carefully created them?

I sometimes wonder if unilateral decisions to go to war might possibly feel to the Prince of Peace a little like rebellion?

And when we keep our neighbors in inner cities trapped in cycles of under privilege and lack of hope, does this feel to the Father of the Fatherless like an overt ignoring of Biblical mandates, not to mention a brazenly revealing flash of hearts of stone?

Personally, I’m against abortion. I’m particularly appalled by partial birth abortion, which is just a tidy term for “Kill the baby as she comes out but before we look into her face.”

Yet to say I will kill other people’s mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and other people’s babies with the bombs I drop, or to agree to knowingly ravage Creation to support my lifestyle, or to leave my neighbors in drastic want-- this doesn’t actually strike me as a more righteous stand.

To pillage the earth, ignore the poor and willingly go into war are issues that, along with the killing of unborn babies, I have to take very, very seriously. I just cannot pretend that this is a one issue election.

Maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe these issues don't all need equally careful consideration. I don’t pretend to have a brilliant mind.

I would, however, aspire to have a brilliant heart.


Daniel Jones said...

Beautifully put Lisa. Praying for your nation in this time.

josephjen said...

Lisa - I'm with you on feeling the weight of this election. To be honest, I don't like any of our choices. I agree with you on the concerns of our world being raped of all its natural beauty...we have little respect for God's creation. War too...I know it is unfortunately a part of our fallen world, but there are no justifications or proper reasonings for the actions taken in the last so many years. It all makes me sick. On top of all that...1.37 million abortions are taking place in the US per year. That's almost 4,000 babies killed every day. 95% of those justified as a form of birth control. After losing my little girl and having my eyes opened to the reality of all the children abandoned in the womb, I can't ignore this one. My empty arms ache. All the issues are real and extremely raw in my heart...but this one I just can't ignore. Sorry Father for the way we've destroyed your creation on ALL levels...

Katie said...

Hi Lisa,
You don't know me but here is some context: I am a good friend of Darrelle's and your boys and Pecos's girlfriend, and a reader of your blog and a wanderer who has not introduced herself because well, I do not really know why. Jesse keeps telling me "you should email my mom." Anyway, I appreciate your blog and your heart and hope to hear from you sometime.
Thanks for making yourself transparent, it is a gift to me, and I think many women, who are seeking and trying to point to Hope.

peace and grace,

Darrelle! said...

how wonderful is katie?? i love her! lisa, you will LOVE her!!

anyways, i just received my mail-in ballot today! I am so excited!!! ALSO, today in chapel made my heart so happy i could barely contain it!!!

ALSO, i have a couple of emails for you BUT trevor has one for you first! : )

ALSO, I CANT WAIT till you guys get here. Seeing heather and you on the screen, then you with a twenty foot head.. oh man. i cant wait.

so much love!!!

soulsong said...

Jesus, teach us to be holistically pro-life, not just pro-birth or anti-death penalty.

Lisa, what a nice surprise to see you today. I was sitting next to Sarah Halford and Diana Small and James Hapke were there, and we were all beaming at each other. You have so much wisdom, especially what you said about learning to host the Lord in our lives and our homes and communities, how so much flows out of that.

I second Darrelle's high opinion of Katie. She is a very dear friend.

lisa said...

I hear ya, Jen. We ravage Creation at every level.

Katie, how nice to meet you. I meet with Gina Goodgame every week and we speak highly of Pecos so we figure you must be great :-) I look forward to meeting you in person.

Darrelle, Heather and I were both so happy to see your cute face. Sometimes I see pretty green things in shops and they make me think of you.

Soulsista, I'm so honored by your love and support. You are a wonderful gift to this planet.

Carla said...

I don't envy your decision. The whole world is watching and I'd like to believe that both candidates are running because they want to do their best for the USA and the world. The debate of making a decision with God in mind reminds me of that bit in the Bible when Joshua meets the angel on his way to battle and asks if he's on his side or his enemies, the angel replies, neither I'm on God's side. Who do you chose when both candidates care about things God cares about? Eeeek, praying for all US citizens! xc

Nelson2005 said...

You put so beautifully the thoughts and struggles I've had while deciding what's the best of two choices.
In the end, I had to vote with knowing that as much as I love God's creation in the form of nature, I had to vote the ticket where I thought babies would be the most protected. I only wish that I thought the young and elderly would be as much protected by my candidate. I love the mountains, lakes, and oceans, but babies have souls which does put them on the top of the list for me.
Thank you again from a friend and a heavy hearted voter.

Sarah said...

Just me, Sarah, again. I posted my previous comment not realizing I was still on Dave's user. Oh the joy of shared computers. :) Anyway, my comment was a reflection of my heart, not necessarily his.

lisa said...

Hi Sarah,

It's such a complex issue to work out--at least, I feel it is.

I thought that this post by Tony Campolo was interesting.

You might have to cut and past the address cuz I don't know how to make it a live link.

Praying for the U.S. from here.


soulsong said...

did i mention you should look at the photographs of rusty i put up a couple weeks ago? i saw her in SF over 4-day, and she is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I have to weigh in on your blog.
We have had a pro life president for 8 years and it has not changed the fact that abortion is still legal. I do not buy the idea any more that electing a pro life president equals an end to abortions. I believe it is going to require an act of God to change the hearts of people who think abortion is all right.
I do think we can elect a president who has an agenda that provides decent health care for all our children who need it, the elderly and all others who currently lack coverage and suffer(and sometimes die) as a result; who has concern for the poor;who cares about social justice; who understands and can make a contribution to the global imperative; and has sophisticated, intelligent reasoning skills. Oh yeah-and also cares about protecting the environment. Things God clearly says in His word He is deeply concerned about.
Thank you for bringing up the election. I am so glad you voted even though you are so far away.
Much love, Dore'

Sarah said...

Thank you for the good food for thought.
I also agree with your friend who commented that ending abortion requires a change of heart more than anything else. It was during our first three miscarriages that people in our congregation who were adamantly pro-choice began to see the stages at which our babies were lost were the same stages in which some were being taken willfully. Our pain caused others to see more about the reality of unborn life and it's value.

Suzanne said...

Dear Lisa,
This is a tough election... the following article by Randy Alcorn helped me figure out some things. Check it out at:


Praying God gives us His wisdom...

Sue Klein said...

We have freedoms here in America. With freedom comes HUGE responsibilities and consequences. I want to choose a candidate that I think will encourage us to make good choices as Americans.

God has given his people freedom to make choices every new day regardless of yesterday's choices. LORD, help us choose YOU every new day. Help us not to judge others in the choices they make, but to be like Jesus and live out our choices without hating others or judging them.
May the man chosen on the 4th be strong in choosing well!!!