Monday, November 03, 2008


What I miss are those nights
White-washed in silver
By the stark moon

Cold air
Sweet to taste
So pure and deep
I could swim

In the cradle of my loft
I pressed the night
Into my heart

Running in the shallow stream

Rising up

We heard the laughter
Of children
Playing on the glittered ground

And songs from far away


Carrie said...

That was beautiful, Lisa! I miss it too!

Darrelllleee said...

Hey, I've been there!!! : )

i like your poems. they are nice to listen to.

I am glad you are feeling better! blessings on your health and writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loita sounds like such a dreamy, far away place. Was it really that beautiful? I hope I can see it sometime.
Thanks for the poem that made me long to visit Loita.
Love you, Dore'

lisa said...

Loita IS dreamy and far away. No perfect paradise, mind you. But as for natural beauty and a place that holds my heart, unsurpassed.

Tehur Simmons said...

I love your poems they are so dreamy and i agree with darelle they are nice to listen to. I want to visit sometime, I am planning too. I wanna run away from the commotion of this city and enjoy some peace and quiet and see some pretty places and be around friends. The city is taking a toll on me, when I read poems like this one I always ask myself what the heck am I still doing I should be finding places so I can write pretty poems like you. I am having a hard time seeing beauty around me here.
A Hug full of love

lisa said...

Tehur, you KNOW you're always welcome.

PS I wrote that while I was longing for Loita so I guess you can still write pretty things from a city ;-)


Carla said...

Wow just wow xc

Tehur said...

One day I wll just show up at your doorstep and then I want to see your face and you will be stuck with me
much love