Monday, October 20, 2008

Twin Daughters of Different Mothers

Skyler (Russell) took this photo of Heather (on the left) and Sianna on Sunday when the sun was sinking over the last few minutes of our picnic.

The girls met as babies when I would hold Tammy's little Sianna on my lap and she would lean against my pregnant tummy. Heather was finally born when Sianna and her twin brother were 15 months old.

We are a team of 2 families with a lot of brothers filling up both homes. I think it's nice that Heather and Sianna have each other :-)


Jesse said...

i miss those little girls so so so so so so so so so so so much. can you tell them both that i love them so much. and they are so beautiful.
love them and love you and miss you all!

Sue said...

Yes, sweet beautiful girls. I love that God gifted both you and Byron with a girl.
Precious, vivacious, creative, daring, beautiful, spiritual girls!!
May Jesus speak wisdom to your hearts as you breathe your teachings over her and Sianna.
Emily has particularly gone through a time of thinking of the sweet months she had with Heather girl. :)

Darrelle said...

Ahhh they are so precious. Please do the same, send my love to them! What great great girls. I can't wait to see them again.

lisa said...

Jesse and Darrelle, will pass the love on to the ladies :-)

Sue, you have a house filled with girls who meet your same description and I am inspired by you as you have done/are doing such a fine job of raising free and confident individuals. Now we just need to get your whole family here some time.

Heather misses Emily. She had a dream that there was a SGCS here and she was so sad when she woke up. There are things she loves about home school, but she misses Em and all the friends there.