Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love Notes

I think the best thing about a birthday is the love notes. I turned 46 yesterday and I received a few.

Love notes from my kids. Some in the form of emails. Some drawn with pink colored pencils. All perfect and beautiful, if you ask me.

Love notes from Byron. Yesterday's was in the form of unbelievably good marinades that he carefully prepared 24 hours ahead of time and soaked the chicken and beef fillet in. (I'm telling you, that boy makes a killer bbq.)

Love notes from friends. Many little mails or Facebook notes to cheer up my inbox and a carrot cake from Gina. Two communications in particular deserve special mention--

The outstandingly cute and sweet podcast that Nelly sent
entitled "46 Things That Jenelle Loves About Lisa (pause) Borden." Very adorable and made me laugh and smile A LOT!

She doubled the dose by also posting a lovely photo of our regular coffee date spot in Portugal. Nice.

Then there was the phone call from Barbara.
Barbara is at home in the Portuguese countryside where our favorite
Shanti Pilgrim works the magic of loving people and land into a simpler and better life.

I happen to know that Barbara likes using the phone about as much as she likes going into conflict so the fact that she
loaded her phone with credit and dialed my number is precious to me.

I'm wracking my brain trying to think if there is anything better than knowing you are loved.

How about we all remind someone that we love them today? (Even if we think they already know it.)

I'd like to think my birthday could set off a global love bomb.

That would be a new and nicer kind of global warming, eh? ;-)


Carla said...

I can't believe your 46! You're such a hottie. xc

lisa said...

OK, that's my favorite comment in a while ;-)

Carolyn Anderson said...

Hey Lees! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, although it's a few days late!! I did think of you on your special day, and sent you prayers of love and joy while I was falling asleep. Love to you! Carolyn

lisa said...

I owe you a letter, Carolyn! I've not forgotten. Thanks for the bday prayers :-)

Darrelle said...

Happy Happy Happy birthday!!!! : ) I'm glad it was lovely!! Birthdays are THE BEST. So are you!! : ) : )

soulsong said...

Happy birthday! What a woman you are, Lisa.

djcconsulting said...

Hi Lisa,
I just got back from a week in Denver without my computer. So sending belated Birthday Love!
PS You look just as gorgeous as you did in your 20's!

dana said...

oh yes...

more beautiful, in are wiser and lovelier in all regards...

and also a hottie and a real intellectual broad...