Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mud and Fire

Heather's long braid hangs down her back while loosened whisps fly around her face. She brushes them away with her arm, careful not to use her muddy hands. I like the splash of mud on her nose and the smile of endeavor on her face.

Sianna and Heather have been in creating mode. The rains have begun and the garden soil is soft and appealing. Dark mud-clay looks rich like chocolate cake and makes a great beginning pottery class. The ladies have been shaping pots and candle holders and leaving them in the (not as frequent) sunshine to dry.

The outdoor sink is splattered from their clean-up and they are on to new things now.

"Can we make a fire?" they ask with bright and hopeful eyes.

"Where?" I wonder in a suitably motherish way.

Satisfied that all is within reasonable (if vague) safety confines, I agree and off they go.

They proudly got their campfire going after many matches flamed out. Byron came home and offered a wee bit of coaching, which did help :-) They sauted carrots over the blaze and I promised to add their campfire veggies to our soup.

Mud and fire and girls with long braids... It's all so lovely!


I am Diane said...

Loved the poem you put on 24/7 site so checked out your blog and love it t. So have added your poem and blog to my blog http://dianewoodrow.blogspot.com/

And was great meeting you at "Home" and getting the lift in your car on Sunday.

love to you
Diane and Tabi too

Trevor Borden said...

so perfect. Ok that's it. I'm over this being in the USA business. I'll be back in a little over a month

lisa said...

Hello Diane! Nice to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem :-)

I was lovely to meet you as well. Do greet Tabi for me!

Truby, can't wait to have you back here!

Jesse Borden said...

i miss those ladies so much! i miss all those beautiful siblings! man alive! i miss them a lot!

a friend said...

Crazy. This living in the USA business. Quite a lot of crap to sift through and make sense out of...I guess. Probably everywhere we live ...
Mud....great distance we put between ourselves and wet earth. What a shame. It breathes of life and raw spirit waiting to be molded, or splashed, or created, or dried and forgotten of it's worth,....or dampened... and life springing out of it....mud. A lovely experience to behold,...even if on the nose. :)

lisa said...

And the siblings miss you, Jesse-boy... Jesse-man... Jesse-lai.

I think you're right, friend, that there is significant junk to deal with anywhere we live. It's good to reconnect with the earth wherever we are and remember a few things that are foundational, beautiful, simple and life-giving.