Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's a warm and somewhat humid afternoon here in Tanzania and we are looking forward to our evening together.

Christmas Eve. So nice!

Sufjan is playing in our living room. Yes, we've been spinning the discs of the Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas" cd. I blogged 2 years ago about this album and how much it pretty much saved my Christmas of 2006 :-)

We've also been listening to a mix of stuff that the boys brought home. They keep putting Tallest Man on Earth on and asking me how I like it. I like it a lot. Sounds quite a lot like my Irish friend, Brian Houston. The boys tell me that this is because Tallest and Brian both sound like Bob Dylan. Ok.

When the boys arrived safely on Monday afternoon, we officially had all we needed/wanted for Christmas. We are content and joyful and that's a rich thing.

I've posted a photo of one of Heather's wrapped gifts to highlight, as I did last year, my recycled wrap. I love using up everything we have on hand as we wrap our little presents. This year we didn't have so many plastic bags and I've been SUCH a good girl about remembering to carry my own bags to the shops. But we've used all we did have, as well as the pretty picture pages from an old calendar and other such things.

That reminds me that Jesse is reading "Serve God: Save the Planet" by J. Matthew Sleeth. He says it's really good so now I want to read it after him.

This post is just meandering around so I will close for now with wishes that this Holiday will be meaningful and sweet for all.



Darrelle said...

lovely lovely lovely. A Very Merry Christmas to you guys! xxooxoXoxO

alana said...

I think my Christmas is weatherwise as far as possible from yours. I just came in from some shovelling and making a small snowman.

I'm so glad your boys made it back. I was wondering about them as I watched all the stories of closed airports and snow delays.

Enjoy your wonderful family Christmas!