Thursday, December 04, 2008

Double Digits for Heather

Heather is 10 today. (My goodness!)

That's her above, racing the little 50 last week. It was her first time to do such a thing.

Happy Birthday, dear Heather!!



jenelle said...

Heather! Happy birthday pretty girl. Come to Pasadena and we can ride non-motorized bikes. I would like that very much.

Carrie said...

What a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday, Heather!

Darrelle said...

!!!! Happy birthday pretty lady!!! I hope you got our birthday picture! Much love to you! You're looking more and more beautiful every time I see a picture of you!!!

dgood said...

ps-- SO PROUD about the piki racing. : ) : )

Tehur said...

Happy Birthday dear Heather!!!!!!You make me feel old...I miss you so much sweetie, and reading silver pennies poems together. I hope that maybe soon we get to do those things again.
Love you!!!!Have fun!!!!

Emily Klein said...

Happy Birthday Heather! I can't believe that you are TEN,double digits! I hope that you have a good time beig ten.I love you!
Love, Emily

Bruce Klein said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! Hope you had a fun day racing, look so cool! I love you, Bruce.

Sue said...

Sweet, Heather,...Happy Birthday on the big 10th celebration. I hope you will still play Playmobil when you sleep over with us sometime. :)
We are thinking of how lovely your laughter sounds and wishing we could hear it right now.
Love you, from all 7 Kleins

lisa said...

Dear All,

Heather was so happy to read all these nice bday notes.

She says "Thank you!"