Monday, December 08, 2008

God Shines

We sit at the piano
I am the quiet observer, the scribe
My only job, to take note of your instructions

We sit at the piano
And Beethovan's notes ring out
Under your little girl fingers

With the sweetness of the melody
I catch my breath
In sharp surprising wonder

How is it that some people feel
And those feelings sounds like
Music in their heads?

I hear words in my head
My feelings speak English
(And I like the words they choose)

But how great is God
That some of his children
Speak what they feel with music?

I close my eyes
And the lovely notes
Make me want to cry

This is just a piano lesson
But in this simple thing
God shines


Sue Klein said...

Yes, He shines!!! Love that you notice and put HIs gift of words to you in English for me to read. :)

May we all notice His gifts to us and use them to His glory. Let His shining continue for all to see.

lisa said...

I was just watching Heather in her lesson with her teacher and the sounds and loveliness overwhelmed me. I couldn't NOT notice. God is just so cool.


Sue said...

I love how the simple is spectacular enough to melt us.

nelly said...

I've said it before. I want to be more like Heather Borden.