Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What If

What if I cry when I see you
For something lost
That wasn't mine
And that I did not mislay

What if I cry when I see you
Because my heart
Doesn't know how to be a grown-up
And because your name hurts in my mouth


Anonymous said...


a girl who collects shells said...

yes, yes.

Moo said...

(sorry if this comment ends up posted twice - it appears to have crashed but I can't be sure)

This REALLY moves me - A LOT - strange thing is though that I really can't understand what it is I am identifying with.. I don't get it - but then I TOTALLY get it.. at the same time.. that makes no sense!

Thank you though :o)

sue said...

Lisa, let me know at what lovely little bookstore you will be doing your next reading of your poetry. :)