Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the mozzies

i don't like the mosquitoes
don't like the way they bite
my feet and shins and hands and neck

i especially hate the ones
who get inside our sleeping net
and dive-bomb me in the night

sometimes we turn on the light
and stand on the mattress
and smash them bloody on our palms

most nights we're ok
but i know there's one in here tonight
waiting, waiting for my flesh

byron has a special name
for the ones that invade our cozy space
but i can't print it here


Trevor Borden said...

oh yes.

Jenelle said...

everybody needs a special name!

jesse said...

wait. i need to know what the special name is. now i am curious.

Trevor Borden said...

can you not figure it out jesse?

sue said...

very cute :)

Jenelle said...

this conversation is killing me! lolcatz!

Trevor Borden said...

I may be wrong but the name may involve the letter B and a strong accent.

lisa said...

ah, Twevo, your memory serves you well...