Thursday, February 12, 2009


So tonight Byron gets a bad grade in earth-keeping because he keeps leaving lights on all over the house and is not adhering to the 60 second rule at all!

But he scores very high in sweetness and I can't help overlooking his bad leaving-on-of-lights problem (and turing them off for him) because he's just generally very cute and far too good to me all the time. (I certainly wouldn't complain about that, you understand.)

Tonight he's tired because he only slept about four and half hours and he's been working a long day that is now winding down at 9pm. His cold has him sounding a little weird when he talks and he's dusty and dirty and on his way to the shower.

He's sure not going to like this when he gets around to reading my blog in the next few days. Pole sana, Byro-lai.

Tonight's post has no point at all except to say that I am blessed and blessed and blessed.


Anonymous said...

I really think you are... some things must be kept in perspective, tho our personalities may make it challenging ;o)
I speak for myself here... for sure.

Darella said...

: ) This is nice to read. You give everyone hope.



Sue said...

absolutely a cute valentine to the egg man you love :)

We love you both!

soulsong said...

Lisa, lady,

Hi, thanks for sharing. Just wanted to tell you I just visited our beloved city this weekend and was able to have coffee with Rusty and then go over to her house for a bit, and also have coffee with Brad. They both mentioned you and that maybe you and Byron will make it up to SF at graduation. I had forgotten you were coming--so exciting! That is going to be one crazy weekend.

Anyway, much, much love from Brad, Rusty, and me. You are so dear (and I'm so excited for Trevor this coming fall!).