Monday, February 16, 2009

Quiet, Happy, Full, Content.

Tehur is here :-)

Tehur is our 22yr old friend from Portugal. Born in the States to a Portuguese Angolan mama and a Brazilian dad, Tehur moved (home?) to Portugal when she was almost 3.

But we met her when she was about 13, I guess. She went to school with Jesse and Trevor in the cozy days of ICSC, when Mike Bushy was leading the school and the kids all felt like a family.

Somehow, through some trying times, Tehur started dropping by our house in Lisbon for a cup of tea. Our family has forever been the better for her friendship.

Te is here with us till 1 April because she wanted a little break from Portugal and because she knew I wanted a little break from home schooling. You should have seen Heather when I told her that Te was coming. She was dancing in the kitchen and running up and down the hall. This is the friend that used to sit and read poetry with Heather. Heath adores her.

My biggest beef with the curriculum Heather uses, (apart from it's rather alarmingly ultra-conservative sentiments at times and the dreadful singing of one of the teachers on the dvds,) is the lack of creativity. Well, let me just say that Heather's creative brain has woken up since Tehur arrived. She has spent this entire afternoon writing a fairy tale and I really couldn't be happier. Go, Heather! Go, Te! Go, writing and imagining and smiling at your work!

Besides this, Colin has just had a beautiful long weekend in Zanzibar with Hunter and Tait. They attended an African music fest and Colin was in a kind of djembe players nirvana. If you didn't know, Colin plays the djembe like a fiend. His hands are fast and soft and true. He free styles with grace. I'm his mom so you may take comments with a little pinch of salt. But not too much salt because it's all are true ;-)

We just picked Colin and Hunter up at the bus station. Tait flew back yesterday since she had to get to work. I'm excited to get my boy home. It was too much to have him AND the college boys gone all at once. I'm not ready for that quite yet.

The spaghetti sauce is on the stove and there is much laughter coming from the trampoline. It's dark outside and the giggles are thick.



Sue said...

Oh we sing happy giggles for your family!! Yes, get that lovely lady there to instruct creativity in your Heather!! How dreadful is the day when learning is NO FUN! UGH!!! May this not be true in my 1st grade classroom,...but i fear it is!!! So very happy for a help in the schooling for you.
We want to hear Colin play that djembe here in our living room. Please play along side Bruce when you are here, Colin!! He would love the music coming from your hands!!
Love you all and look forward to hugging you come some day! Had a little cousin here today playing with Emily. Sweet Repko that she is! Tents flying around the living room with clothespins holding the fort together with giggles.
Miss you friend!
Will be praying Te's time there is rich and lively for all of you!!! :) Hugs to you sweet friends!

Sarah said...

Oh, please give a warm hug to Tehur from the Nelsons! I think Heather needs to publish her fairytale on your blog upon it's completion!

nelly said...

Hooray Te!! Hooray Heather!! I second the motion to publish her fairy tale on the blog.

Jesse Borden said...

we have a trampoline???

lisa said...

Thanks, all. Sarah, Tehur was so happy to get your greeting :-)

Yes, Jesse, a second hand trampoline. We got it from the Prince family because they are moving to the Congo. They are the ones you met when you guys were gigging at the Outpost on New Year's Eve. It's fun, though the kids say not as bouncy as the one at Engedi. :-)

lisa said...
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lisa said...

PS to Jesse--

My favorite trampoline moment so far was the day we set it up and Dad, Heather and Adam (in his green coveralls) were all bouncing together while Josephine and Eva laughed themselves silly on the porch and refused to join in the jumping. :-)

Sue said...

Let me correct need to instruct creativity into that Heather. Just the encouragement of it's flowing! :)