Monday, March 16, 2009

By "Beautiful" I Mean BEAUTIFUL (and Byron's back hurts)

It's beautiful at the springs. We camped there Saturday night with Tait and Hunter and Tehur (and Colin and Heather.)

Byron's back has taken a nose dive after the last 3 weeks of too many long hours on bad roads and too much heavy work, but even he was happy to be there. Better to rest on a blanket under the trees than to lie on the rug in the living room and get tempted by all the work he thinks he should be doing. But the drive home was painful for him.

We saw the physical therapist today and she was very good. We travel on April the 1st and so the goal is to have Byron out of pain and able to handle the long hours of travel between here and LA. The therapist had Byron figured for sure...

"The problem with people who have a history of back trouble," she said, "Is that they are used to it and they expect it to get better if they push through and so they don't necessarily do what they should do to treat it."

Um, yes. That is the trouble. She held her tongue nicely and didn't come flat out and just call him a dork for not taking better care of his back. He's fifteen and half years post a very successful back surgery... and he should know a little better.

So, back to beautiful.

Tonight, I feel 2 things simultaneously. I feel deeply content after a 24 hour stay at the springs with people that I love. (Tait and Hunter made us all crepes with multiple delicious toppings for breakfast on Sunday.) But I also feel sad about Byron's back pain. He looked lively this evening for a while when he was excited about some very cool solar lights he was looking at that are designed to save Africa. But he soon faded again. I've tucked him in now with a hot pack.

Heat, rest, stretches, brisk walking, ibuprofen, cold packs if he wants them... these are his orders for the next few days. With prayer added, I think we've got the bases covered.

I'll put this photo up as his desktop to bring on the memories of a happy weekend. I'm certain those will be good toward the healing.


I am Diane said...

Loved the picture. Makes me very tempted to be there.

also feel that Byron and his back are like we can all be at times - things are tough, we know that to take some time out would make things much easier in the long run, but we think that if we push on through then all we be ok in the end, but of course it just makes it worse.
Perhaps we all need a picture of Byron's back in front of us to remind us all how silly we can be at trying to push through rather than resting in Jesus and then being able to do so much more.

Thanks for a lovely, thought provoking blog.

Anonymous said...

Rest, rest, rest and do what the therapist tells you. My chiro says NOT to push through the pain. That is not good.

I wish you had time to get treatments while home, but I know your schedule is so full.


Dawn Morgan said...

We are praying for Byron's healing...

dana said...

oh golly...Byron are we to be forever taunted by those voices of folks who swear they are never ailing and, if they are, just keep going through the pain and illness and pretend it doesn't exist?

Why is it so hard to rest in this life? Why do we feel weak when we need to rest?

Rest, sweet Byron, (I don't know if Jesus ever rested...but God did...)

good enough,

Jeff & Jenn Kliewer said...

Hi Lisa (and Byron)-
Greetings from Pasadena.
How are you...other than your blog. I sure enjoy reading it :>.
Hey, Jeff and I are heading up to Santa Barbara the middle of April and would love to meet you boys and take them out for a meal, will you send me their e-mail addresses (if it's ok with them :>)?
We think of you and your family often and continue to enjoy the wonderful memories.
My e-mail is
Jenn (and Jeff too)