Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friendship Refreshes (or Morning with Dave)

Byron and I walked over to the local coffee shop for a 7:45 date with an old friend. When we were first married and living in Santa Barbara, Byron worked for Dave White (and Dan Ribbens) while I was finishing my degree. I finished my degree and we left for Africa in October of that year.

That was 1984 :-)

Dave looked exactly the same to me; tall and fit and smiling. We hugged and grinned and figured out that we last saw each other something like 21 years ago.

The morning flew by as we caught up with each other's lives. It is absolutely astounding to hear Dave's stories of the last few years. We sat there in awe of the grace, joy and integrity so vividly shining.

An added pleasure was that we got to listen instead of talk. Sometimes, we get really tired of hearing ourselves explain what we're doing in Africa. As Byron says, we get so bored of our own story.

But Dave did want to hear about us as well. As we blathered on about what we're excited about, what we're dreaming toward, what is inspiring us and what is floating our boats, Dave was listening with pure pleasure on his face.

"I LOVE this!" he said. "You guys have BIG dreams!"

I suppose it sounds ridiculous but there are times when it's good to be reminded that our dreams are good, exciting and worth going after.

The needs in Africa... Well, they can just stop you right in your tracks. Our efforts on that continent... Well, they can just strike us a pathetically small.

Dave's enthusiasm for the dreams in our hearts and the way we're already realizing parts of them was refreshment on the way.

Friendship kindled and dreams shared, it makes a difference, doesn't it?

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Rachel B said...

Thanks for the reminder to dream big! I'm so glad you dream BIG!