Sunday, May 03, 2009

laundry line meditations

wendell and i commune outside the laundry door
my feet planted softly in the dewey grass
back warming in the gentle morning sun

i move up and down by the basket
stretching wide sheets and
smoothing faded t-shirts
across the sagging lines

from some part of my memory
wendell speaks
lilting lines
songs of earth and sun and field

in the rhythm of my work
i take pleasure
and feel joy

these damp garments
smell beautiful
(like redemption)

the shiny dryer sits

and I worship you
with this small kiss for creation
hanging my laundry
in your good sunshine


dana said...

oh lisa...

Wendell! Your reflections on life make me so grateful that I know you!

every moment is a prayer in this life-of-mystery we lead...

thank you for saluting the elements and taking quiet joy in the creation...

lisa said...

And I am so grateful to know you!

I do love this creation we share. She sings so well of her creator.

Hoping to see you soon...

friend said...

All the more reason to abandon the machinery of modern times! Simple moments are enjoyed by you and we, your readers, can catch a fresh scent of the moment. :)