Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Departure Day in Review (or I Love Byron)

The final week in the States will probably always remain a blur to me. Looking back on it, I am most thankful for the sweet times shared with friends and family in the midst of the last minute stress and details of leaving.

Every time we do this, every time we leave one continent and head for another, I am thankful all over again for Byron. We have totally different styles of prep. I get nostalgic and weepy and generally un-useful. Byron gets practical and efficient and generally unfriendly. Dang, I love him. He's the reason we arrive with all we need. Whether that be school books for the next year of home school, a chainsaw for some project's needs, an electric piano for a daughter who is head over heels in love with playing, or a fruit dryer for an income generating endeavor for women at risk, we'll have what we need because Byron will have packed it... and packed it well. We would be a mess if the packing were left to me.

Of course, we would go nowhere if the booking of flights and arranging of schedules were left to him so maybe I am a little useful after all.

I don't know how many bazillion hours Byron worked during our final week in California but I do know that he worked from 5am to 5pm on our day of departure. We then left for the airport at 5:05pm.

After getting all 12 large bags checked (and winning points from check-in guy for good organization, leading to an upgrade to nicer seats) Byron collapsed at the gate and slept for about an hour on the floor.

Heather put these Starbursts on his tummy cuz he loves them and she loves him and because we were spending all our leftover US change at the little shop there.

Byron... I don't know anyone else like him :-)


sifluralin said...

i love this story.

Sue said...

'I Love Byron' is the title we all vote on.WE LOVE HIM, TOO! Thanks to that man of yours that takes such good care of the Bordens we love. :)

jesus gypsies said...

i remember when byron helped pack us up when we left portugal in 2004- not a dish broken! i remember how you would rave about his packing! what a great guy :) love you guys. glad you are home again.

lisa said...

Hi Cari :-)

Sue, thanks for your amazing van which once again hauled the Bordens and their stuff to or fro :-) The airport run (and packing the boys up from college) was so much easier with Big Blue.

Linda, I seem to remember that he also helped Dahills and Jenelle when it came their times to pack. I'm all, "Hey, do you want to borrow my husband? He's the best packer in the world!"

Tehur said...

Mr. B you are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Diane said...

A lovely lump in the throat pic. Thanks :)

Abril said...

Your post made me feel better because we are the exact same way. Whether it is over-ocean "moves" or just leaving for a vacation, I'm all planning and action until a certain point before (might be a week for a move or a day for a vacation) and suddenly I just wander around completely useless and Kelly totally steps up and gets all the packing done. I don't know what it is, but I think I just am bad at making that many of those kind of decisions. I've always felt like such a slacker leaving him to do all the hard work, but feeling completely not up to it. Maybe now I'll just realize we have different things to contribute :)

Cindy said...

Aren't husbands wonderful! Moose is the same way and I'm so thankful for him. Hugs to you both!!

Brian said...

i think byron is a star he sounds a little like tracy!!! Fruit dryers cheap or expensive?? I have many figs and about 6 weeks before harvest need to get a plan...Love to you all

lisa said...

Abril, it's good to know we're not alone ;-)
Cindy, yes, they are wonderful!
Brian, we use this dehydrator that cost about $120. It's Nesco American Harvest Garden Master Food dehydrator. But you'll need one on 220 or use a transformer like we do. We also bought about 5 extra trays for it, or maybe 10. It can stack up high. It's great.

lagot said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



lisa said...

Nice to "meet you" Sara. Thanks for saying hello. I'm glad you're enjoying these simple updates from life in our house :-)