Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lest you think I've vanished...

... It's just that we're in the countdown mayhem of the final 4 days in the U.S.

I will not bore you with everything we're juggling.

I hope to have a chance to catch my breath and reflect a little on this process.

But for now, one more doctor's visit this morning to show my healing nose to the surgeon, one more chance for a little team meeting with Russells as they're here now and we're on our way out, and one more chance for a little date this afternoon with my parents...

Between all these good things today, PACKING (with some panic thrown in.)

We fly on Friday night.

Talk again soon :-)



Sue said...

We shed tears at the loss of simple opportunity to gather with you, our friends.

Thinking and praying during this crazy time that takes place before you go. Especially not wanting the panic that is so raw and real to grab ahold of you. May it somehow flee your beautifulness the minute it lands!!

Anonymous said...

Covering you all with prayer... feeling your wrestling as if it were my own (so often it has been).
Enjoy every moment with those you love... and then fly away, fly away home. Standing with you. <3 <3

Emily said...

Thank you for letting Heather come over all those wonderful times. She was terrific and she helped clean Alison's room. We had great times together.