Monday, September 14, 2009

These are Nice :-)

I really like these old fashionedy photos that Trevor and Nelly have been taking. In the perfect photo digital day, it catches my attention to see grainy or faded photos that would be deleted off of a snappy camera by some.

Do you think that maybe they also happen to catch my eye because they are of Trevor and Colin... the Borden boys who are away off yonder right now? I'm guessing so :-)


Sue said...

love,love,love photos of the people I most adore!
nothing compares to the crazy love of our children, the ridiculous releasing along the way, and the miles that separate us!!
Dan is in NY working and visiting Kenz!! :) WooHoo, the lucky guy!!
I love you, my friend, Lisa! Wishing for a walk, tea, a hug, and an earful from your heart, sweet friend!

sifluralin said...

beautiful. just talked to trevor on the telly yesterday. he was going to our rusty's house last night.

miss you.