Monday, September 21, 2009

Strong Currents

There’s a place that we like to frequent when a day in the shade is required. The current in the pool at the spring (as the water comes out from an underwater source) pushes you firmly along if you get in the right spot at the mouth of the cave. We had a tradition with Max and Gina whenever we were there, (and I’ve lost track of how many times we were there with them,) that mandated a race of Dead Man’s Float. We would all let go of the roots along the edge of the pool at the same moment and vigorously DO NOTHING as we raced to the other end in a great float-off.

It always amazes me how well that current pushes us along.

Life has felt much like that, of late. Not that we’ve been doing nothing. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean that there has been a strong current taking us along. It’s a good current; one that I trust.

It’s good to know I can trust the current when we talk on the phone to Colin and hear that he’s having a hard time. Most of our phone calls have been very encouraging and we are the super proud parents of a young man who is making a huge transition well. And when the calls are not as encouraging, when Colin is terribly home sick and we ache to have him here, we are still the super proud parents of a young man making a huge transition well.

Sometimes, letting go of the holds along the bank is the best thing ever.


phil said...

Hi Lisa - great to catch up with all that is happening for you guys. I need to get in touch with you; can you drop me an email, facebook, carrier ostrich, or whatever :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for reminding again about our strong currents ability to move us forward when we let go of the roots.....
Much love,

Anonymous said...

That was comforting to read.

Thank you.

Carolyn said...

We used to call it "going with the flow" when I was a teen growing up in Ca. only now, in church, we call it "staying in the flow".....and, while it requires trust, it's so much easier to let go and let the current take you than to try to resist, grabbing rocks along the way or roots......I love that you have such great visuals for these things you share with us. I think of the photo you have of Jesse floating along on the inner tube.....

Sue said...

praying for that young man
because we love you so