Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Anniversary of Sorts

We landed in Africa for the very first time together 25 years ago today. I have the stamp in these old passports to prove it :-) Of course, Byron had been here, but it was my first time ever.

Quite a lot of people who read this blog weren’t even born yet, but there I was, a couple days shy of my 22nd yesterday, with a suitcase and backpack and a cute young husband who was pretty sure I would love it here.

He was right, you know.

I was awake last night, thinking back to that October. It was 1984 and, Orwellian implications aside, it was an important year for us as it marked the beginning of our global meanderings together. We’d already been married 2 years as I finished my degree in Santa Barbara, but that was just a beginning. It was a lovely beginning, mind you, and one that we’ll always appreciate it. But, my, it seems a foreign life now. We've called so many places "home" since then.

Twenty-five years ago, we set out on this grand adventure.

I’m ever so glad that we did.


DJ Friar said...

You will be relieved to know that I was alive then, albeit as a one year old!

alamedero said...

WOW! Byron properly looks like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. You look way to respectable to be hanging out with the likes of that ruffian!

Carolyn said...

Wow, Lisa! What a great photo of Byron! He looks tired, but happy. I can't believe it's been 25 years already. I have to agree; those days back at those green apts seem pretty foreign to me, too. How we have grown and changed over these many years; and yet, how much the same we are on the inside. What we love, what we care for and about; what's important to us, what we value; I don't think these things have changed that much, only grown deeper and wider and stronger, yes? Sometimes I think the things that break our hearts also make room for them to become bigger and stronger. May the next 25 bring you bigger, stronger hearts and a depth to embrace it all.

Carolyn said...

P.S. Not that I didn't mean your photo is great, too, it's just that it goes without saying! But, I re-read what I wrote, and it kind of sounded like I was leaving you out, sorry! I think it's seeing those old photos of Byron reminds me more of how my perspective has changed, and how young we all were back then. Even though we thought we were so wise and mature! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these old pictures of you and Byron! What an amazing adventure, indeed.
xoxox, Dore'

Carrie said...

I'll jump on the bandwagon and say that I love those photos of you two. What a fabulous safari you've traveled together these 25 years! Metamayana entai Enkai. (Not so sure about the spelling there, but you get it.)

Trevor Borden said...

So good. thank you for moving when you did :)

Jesse said...

yes... i am so happy to have been born into your adventure. lovely! lovely! lovely!

lisa said...

Thanks, all!

I'm still too respectable to hang out with the likes of Byron :-) ha ha!

I love your thoughts, Carolyn, on what breaks our hearts making out hearts bigger and stronger.

Dore', speaking of adventure, your life has not been too slim on that!

J&T, you (and C&H) have definitely made the adventure better by a million-fold.

sifluralin said...

I was not alive:)

Oh, what a story you are living!


dana said...

golly, 25 years, really? I remember being in love with both of you way back then...and I guess we were that young once.

You've both had the love and adventure and giving of yourselves enough, already, to fill a thousand lifetimes of partnership...

here's to the next 25...and all the love that is to come

Anonymous said...

Those photos are EXACTLY how I remember you both when we were on the JanTerm (1982?) trip in Joshua Tree. I think you were newly engaged and so excited to begin your adventure. Our backpacking leader (Dave Willis?) certainly made a big impression on all of us and it's so gratifying to see the two of you living out much of those conversations about stewardship of the earth. And raising children who will carry it even farther!

Where you are in life now TOTALLY fits what I knew of you then, but isni't God's plan always SO MUCH MORE than we can ever imagine?

May you continue to be fulfilled and joyously following His lead as He uses you all for the next 25 and more!

Love, Ginger (Hixson Ramin)