Thursday, October 15, 2009

Young Concerns (or May Her Tribe Increase)

Heather and I read her science and history lessons together daily. I'm happy to do this rather than have her watch the teaching on DVD like she did last year because we get to stop along the way and talk about the things that interest us... particularly the things that interest her.

Now, as I learn with Heather, I am really quite surprised by the little revelations of what makes her tick.

As it turns out...

Topsoil being washed away breaks Heather's heart. Rain forests felled wantonly make her cry. Loss of wilderness and unchecked development make her angry and/or terribly grief-stricken. Pollution makes her crazy.

I am stunned by this 10 year old's heart for Creation.

I pray blessings and blessings and blessings and hope big hopes that her generation will do so much better than mine.


Diane said...

It is just so cool when they get like that. I remember Tabi in tears at Greenbelt because in the kid's stuff they were not being as open as she felt about justice issues. Long may their passion continue

Sarah said...

Lisa - "her children will rise up and call her blessed" - I know that's what your children will say of you. Your example has produced passionate children, who, with God's help, will change the world.

Carolyn said...

Wow, Lisa! How awesome. Where did she get to swim with a turtle? I would have LOVED having talks like that with my dad.....what an awesome thing you are doing.

Carolyn xx

P.S. I think there is so much promise in the next generation!

lisa said...

Thanks, friends! Carolyn, there is a spring we like to swim at and there are 2 resident turtles who call it their home. Every once in a while, we catch one briefly for the photo op :-) They tolerate us politely and then swim calmly away.

Carolyn said...

How great! I can't imagine swimming with turtles like that, but what a great experience. I'm glad they tolerate you. Must be picking up on your loving vibes. :-)

sifluralin said...

I am always amazed at my own sister, too--the way she articulates taking care of the earth, or the craziness of racism, in her own 10-year-old words.

Heather is blessed indeed. May her tribe increase.