Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sleeping Next to God

I have to say that of the daily complines (nighttime prayers) included in the Celtic Daily Prayer book, the Felgild compline for Wednesday is my favorite.

For one thing, it begins, "Calm me, O Lord, as You stilled the storm."

I often climb into bed with a rattle and hum going on in my head. The day is dragging itself into bed with me and it's not always easy to excuse it and retire more quietly .

Wednesday's compline opens with a bouncer who refuses to let the unwelcome buzz follow me into the night.

But the lines I really love say this...

"I lie down this night with God, and God lies down with me.
I lie down this night with Christ, and Christ lies down with me.
I lie down this night with the Sprit, and the Spirit lies down with me.
God and Christ and the Spirit, be lying down with me."

OK, I'll just admit here that I don't think I've ever told any of our kids that they could not get into our bed when one of them appeared in our room in the night. I just scooted over and let the little one climb in because I liked the well-being that was produced by nearness. (Should you wonder, they all grew up to sleep through the night in their own beds.)

I think that the lines from this prayer resonate with me because they call up such a comforting, motherly feeling. I know from experience how easily my little ones slipped into slumber when they knew I was near. I felt and saw the peace take over.

But more than that, I remember the sweet feeling of a silky head resting on my arm. I know the deep-soul contentedness of giving comfort just by giving presence.

I draw tremendous warmth and safety from the image of God lying down with me.

I am hushed and awed when I consider that maybe God is happy that my silky head rests upon his/her arm.

This is Sunday and today's compline is a good end for this day as well.

But I will close my book and settle into Wednesday's imagery as I fall asleep now.

Good night :-)


katrina said...

i like the sound of sleeping next to God a LOT. thanks for sharing :)

JB said...

its true mama...he's not messing around anymore.
YOU are a writer.

Carla said...

That was beautiful. It brought me back to slipping into bed next to my Mum and Dad and the absolute safety I felt there... xc

Carolyn said...


sue said...

ditto of JB...
I smile thinking of you writing, but even more about readers listening to your words. Souls are touched. :)