Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Gift to Remember

Mother's Day morning was quiet and little drizzly here in Arusha. With Byron in the States and our 3 boys absent as well, I wasn't thinking too much of a celebration. Heather was home, of course, and our friend, Darrelle. I was content. I certainly could not have anticipated the sweetness of the morning.

I knew some plans had been hatching between H and D so I snoozed in obediently. Then they appeared, woke me and invited me to breakfast.

At the table there was a lovely little necklace from Byron and I loved that he had planned ahead and hidden it with Heather for the day. It's very sweet and I like it a lot.

But I have to say that breakfast was my best, best gift.

Here's the thing...

Heather is 11 and she's never made pancakes before. Yet she found and followed a recipe, prepared the tea, set the table and got everything ready. She felt a bit daunted by the task and in well over her head, yet she accomplished it all beautifully.

And Darrelle? Unbeknownst to me, she was sick as a dog. Poor little thing was chilling, aching and feeling that she might throw up any minute. But she had promised to help Heather make a Mother's Day breakfast and she was not going to let her down.

Of course, she couldn't actually do a thing, but she would not abandon ship. Rather than retreat to the guest room and take care of herself, she literally laid herself down on the bathroom floor where she was not far from the kitchen so that Heather could come to her every few minutes with another question. She didn't even have the strength to sit in the kitchen. She just had to get horizontal and she didn't dare venture too far from the toilet.

So, this necklace is really, really pretty and I love that Byron got it for me. I love being mom to the people we've made and sharing this adventure with him.

Yet I can't help but see the necklace as a reminder of the most precious gift of the day. From here on out, this wee necklace is my reminder of the gift of effort that went into that sweet breakfast.

It's really something to feel love.

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dana said...

I love your 'Love Story"...the one that started with you two all those years ago and now includes those offspring who get to surprise you and bless you and remind you what kind of a mom you are...

you are the bomb...

you rock...

lovin you,