Friday, August 27, 2010

Stripping the Beds (or I hate it when they leave)

The boys took their leave
One by one they packed their bags
Their funny things

Half made drums
A snakeskin
Shoes made from old motorcycle tires

One by one
They waved goodbye
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

A bad week, really

And I am left to strip their beds
To laugh at the remnants
And wonder at the quiet

But they are off to good things
Adventures, life
A good week, really

(And can I honestly complain?)

27 August 2010


Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweets. This leaves me with a reflective smile...

Julie said...

This whomped me a big dose of melancholy. Our house is so quiet and when the kids are here they are still visiting their home and not living here. I treasure their time here and miss them every single time they leave -- whether to drive a few miles to his apartment in Anaheim or to wave good-bye to her as she clears security and walks toward her departing flight to England. I have more compassion for my parents ...

Marsha said...

Very evocative - you hit a chord with this one. Thank you.

DorRae said...

how our hearts are on the same page!