Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Gather (to dance?)

It's still dark in Edinburgh but my body thinks it's a couple of hours ahead of Scotland. Arusha time... I like that Africa wakes me up and says, "You may be somewhere else, but this continent is still in you."

I like seasons and rhythms. For the last 7 years, a significant happening in our autumn has been the global gathering of 24-7 Prayer. We've collected ourselves in some great places- Barcelona, Dresden, Seville, London and Amsterdam, to name a few.

But it's not where we are. It's who we're with. We're with friends who believe that prayer can change the world. And after prayer (or with prayer, or during prayer) these same folks roll up their sleeves and jump in to the crazy, messy world around them and start trying to be the answer to the prayers. Last night we heard from a man who has helped see 300 victims rescued out of human trafficking in the last 2 years. They've prayed and worked hard to liberate each one and they continue a supportive relationship with these who are now recovering.

And if when I say "people who pray" you get a drab image in your mind, allow me to burst your wee bubble. There's too much creativity, life and mischief in these hearts for drabness . Even with a grave awareness of the awful pain so much of the world lives with, there is unstoppable joy.

So imagine us here: Scottish men in handsome kilts playing fiddles like their lives depend on it while we, gathered from all over the globe, dance like madmen into the night.

Joy spills out because there is One who hears our prayers and responds.

A good Scottish caleigh seemed the only proper response :-)


Anonymous said...

ah, i loved reading this little report about what my 24-7 family is up to. sounds perfect.

and the joy alongside the dirtied-hands laboring for justice and mercy... yes. i want to touch that.

have a great time! (say hi to my brother Daniel aka "danmike" Thompson for me)

lisa said...

Hi Brooke, read this after the event came to a close to missed out on meeting danmike. Too bad!

Mama Mpira said...

What fun - in every respect!

JB said...

aiyaiyai. beautiful things in this life. wish i was there. we danced like mad people at our housewarming party this weekend.
love you and miss you!

Mike said...

I love the statement "it is not where we are, but who we are with". Great words. Pity I could not be there.