Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moon Gift

Sometimes the moon
Rises slowly
Weighted girth moving upward
With some sighing effort
Plump, still-life fruit of a moon
Distinctly 17th century

But Sunday's moon
Rose fast and slim
Flat and round and rising
Sliding up against the night
A thin communion wafer of a thing
Shining there quite crisply

And I smiled at the night
The dark backdrop that seemed so strong
And the glowing, gift reflecting light
Offered as it hung there
That I might just look up
And accept it


Anonymous said...

And I think that was the day Sunday Nov 21, that was called a Blue Moon. That is because it was the second full moon in this quarter, I read.


lisa said...

You're right, it was the 21st. Interesting that it was a Blue Moon. I just knew it was awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The moon- fruit analogy rings true, reminds me of Fiji moons (a painting, not quite real or maybe too real?). Great seeing your family profile in the Westmont pub. (just getting around to reading it) May or may not remember me, but Byron and I were section-mates in Page and I remember when you came, (followed by T.Ellis, who I still keep some contact with). My daughter is there now with your boys, and loving it. Anyway, I look forward to following the blog, Lisa. Bless you guys in the work you are doing.

Rick Robinett

lisa said...

Hi Rick! Nice to hear from you after many years. Thanks for the kind words about the poem.

Where are you? What year is your daughter? Do you have other kids?

Jesse graduated Westmont in 2009 and Trevor is now a senior. They'll be here in Tanzania with us for Christmas and we look forward to having all 6 of us together for a couple of weeks.


Rick said...

I live in Los Osos, a bit off the beaten track from San Luis Obispo. Assitant Superintendent for the school district here, having done just about everything in that education realm for the last 30 years(teacher, counselor. principal. etc). My oldest, 23, Matt, is on his way to S.Korea to teach. Laura, 19, in second year at Westmont. She sings in the Chapel Band, has gotten very involved with the "Not for Sale" group. She went to Thailand and Cambodia last year and will probably pursue the human trafficking issue as her calling... at least it seems that way. Oh, and I get to be with an awesome wife, Lynne, for 25 years now!

Good Grace has definitely been in my path.

If I can figure out this "identity" stuff, I'll leave my e-mail so others don't have to be bored with our interchange.

God bless.

lisa said...

Hi Rick! My address is my last name with an "s" on the end, at the full name of our organization, wild hope international dot org. It's a mouthful, so to speak. I don't have it listed out on the blog to save me from too much trawling junk mail.

Sue said...

I love the simple signs God displays ever so quietly for those that care to look up and ponder his beauty. I also love reading your reflections of those gifts. :-)