Friday, May 27, 2011

And So We Celebrate!

I had my 2 week post-op check up today and the doctor said 3 good things. Number one, he observed that Byron is obviously taking good care of me. (As is my mum!) Number two, the wide smile of my abdominal scar is healing nicely. And, best of all, number three, the pathology report says all was benign. We're all so happy about that!

This evening I went out with Byron, Heather and my folks, leaving the house for my first outing since I arrived home from hospital on 15th. We went to the really delightful Technique Restaurant at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts here in Pasadena. Wow! It was a lovely experience! The food (we chose three course meals) was delicious. The students and staff were friendly, helpful and attentive. The setting was very attractive, yet informal, and the price was amazing.

Tonight I'm thankful for food and family, healing and health.

I'll raise my glass to all of that!


Mary said...

Praising God for your recovery and this time with your family and friends... enjoy! Blessings and Peace from Mark & Mary Green (from many years ago :)

Carolyn said...

Great news!!! So nice you got to get out.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Lisa! Very, very thrilled for you and really looking forward to having you all back in Arusha. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there. Lots of love Wendy, Jon, Sam and Benxx

lisa said...

Hi Mary! How great to hear from you. Was it a hundred years ago when we were pregnant together?

And, yes, it WAS nice to get out, Carolyn!

Lovely to hear from you, Wendy. Hug all the boys, Mr. PR included. xo

Pellava Smith said...

Reading this made me so happy.
I'll raise my glass too (well, my cup of tea)
and send a smile across the lands and oceans.

Let's praise God together.


Tina from Porto said...

Great news, keep strong and make sure that Byron and your mom keeping looking after you. We will continue to pray for you and for the work in Arusha. Lots of love

lisa said...

"Let's praise God together." Agreed, Ella! My cup of tea is raised :-)

And you keep strong, too, Tina. We love you and continue to pray full healing for you. xo

Roy said...

Wonderful news! Happy all is well.

Marsha said...