Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Morning News

I woke up to happy news today. My friend and very published author, Mary DeMuth, had posted lovely things on her well-read blog about my writing and my book.

The number of books Mary has had published speaks volumes :-) about not just her skill as a writer but the significance of what she writes. Obviously versatile, Mary has published parenting books, fiction, instructive books on writing and getting published, as well as a deeply personal memoir.

But what really stands out to me about Mary is the contagious positivity and encouragement she offers. Mary has embraced a generous spirit that does not horde success. Instead, she celebrates every writing victory any of her friends achieves and I am blessed to be celebrated by her today.

Thanks, Mary! Hats off to you, my friend.

Read Mary's thoughts on Approaching God here .


Ruth Morrison said...

I'm not a famous writer but I've also written a review of Approaching God on my blog We friends are celebrating knowing you and us all knowing God together. Is this what heaven feels like?

lisa said...

Ruth! Thank you for the lovely review of my book! You're famous to me, you know. Who else have I ever sat and cried with on the very first morning of getting to know each other?? Your open heart and honest pursuit of life mark you as one of the greats.

If I could only think of some way to get myself to N.I. again! xo