Sunday, October 02, 2011

Close (a poem)

When you were small
and something was amiss
I would hold you

Sweet salty smell
the top of your warm head
tucked neatly under my chin

You might remain there
only minutes before
the world settled again

(and off you'd go)

Tonight you're too far away
and too grown up
to wander in, pad-foot clad in jammies

But you walk into my thoughts
and wake me
just the same

In the quiet after
a welcome rain
I open my eyes and pray

This is how
I hold you

-lisa, 1 October, 2011


Lisa McKay said...

I loved this Lisa! I hope you guys are well, I also love that I can picture you at home. I remain grateful for the time we shared during that visit several years ago.

Anonymous said...

That's lovely Lisa. What a special mama you are, even if it is a few miles away from some.
Love Wendy

Alisa Wright said...

Beautiful, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lisa ~ He may have been in touch, or maybe not - but Tiago is now back in Manchester; LOVED his time in Africa, but sadly did not make it to Arusha. I've enjoyed following your facebook+blog photos and news. Do be in touch if you're ever back in Portugal for a visit! love, denise

JB said...

well mama, brought me to tears. love you so much. miss you tons.

lisa said...

Lisa McKay, (sounding so formal so it's clear I'm not leaving a note to myself!) I'm thankful for the time we had together here in Arusha, as well. You should know, that is the ONLY time we've ever gone to a karaoke party!

Wendy, a few miles away is right. My little boys are long gone but I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with your little men. They crack me up :-)

Thank you, Alisa. Can you believe we had to cancel getting together. Surgery! Bah!

Denise, so good to hear Tiago loved his time. It would be great if we could visit Portugal again some day...

Jesse... Pole. Love you so much, too.

Tait/Furaha said...

So so sweet mama. Is there anything more precious than full bod pj's including footwear?! I hope those never go out of style. May you and your boys feel close in thought and prayer always...

Anonymous said...

Drying a tear from my eye, Lisa. Especially with the memory of the sweet salty smell of little warm heads tucked under my own chin. Thank you! Sharon