Thursday, November 03, 2011


Yesterday I bought something for Jesse's Christmas stocking.
I pictured his pleasure and smiled to myself.

Only later did it occur to me that Jesse won't actually be home with us on Christmas Morning.

True confession: the tea tray before me suddenly grew significantly blurry.

Silly me. Twenty-three consecutive Christmases in our house PLUS he has good reason to be away this time!

Do I really dare to be anything but thankful?

Oh, my... All these opportunities for me to keep growing up.


Sarah said...

Blurry images for the same reason in our home. Even though he's been "on his own" for two years, this is the first year Josiah won't be with us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next year he'll gone too as he plans on being in eastern Europe. No matter how tall they get, they'll always be our babies, won't they? :(

lisa said...

They just have so much nerve growing up!

And I have every reason to be very happy because Jesse and Annie will both come together right after Christmas and stay 3 weeks. That's the nicest thing ever! It just caught me off guard to forget and then remember.

Oh, yes, always our babies :-) xo

Roy said...

Ouch. Hits way too close to home!

Carolyn said...

Not sure why I didn't see this til now. Yes! It's such a hard way to have to grow up. But good, too. Yeah, the nerve of those boys! :-)