Sunday, December 11, 2011

Of Christmas and How it Comes

It's hot in East Africa
press down, weighty

The clouds billow up
and plod along the horizon

(empty threats)

And I
I don't feel like
putting up
this spindly
branch called

I am saddened
by recollections
of Christmas babies
and boys with
gleaming faces
taking it all in

we decorate

(perhaps a tad too somberly)

But in the quiet

Bare feet on
cool tile

I am greeted
by our evening's work

So simple
our selections
so home-made

And joy
breaks in

suddenly present

Oh, dear truth
endlessly modest and

You stand there
in the stillness

this is the



-lisa, 11 December, 2011


Beverly said... simple and so beautifully written. Thank you.

lisa said...

Thank you and, of course, you're welcome :-)

It's a nice adventure for me when I start a post with just a feeling; no real idea how it will come out.

It's a big bonus pleasure when some one likes what the result turns out to be.

Crystal said...

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your heart. Though the weather is quite the opposite here in Aberdeen, Scotland, there are many other ways my heart so relates to these simple yet beautiful words. It brought a certain comfort to sense that someone else feels a wee bit like I do during what is my most favorite season of the year. Again, thank you for opening your heart, Lisa. Many blessings.


Shelley said...

Beautiful words sweet friend. Beautiful.

sue said...

Around our tree free of decorations: Alison made Chai, Emily is tackling a puzzle since our lights for the tree were found to be half lit and half not, Morgan is on the couch wounded, but recovering from the harsh flu that hit her @6am, Bruce is happily reading 6 back issues of BIKE magazine recently found while we all enjoy apple pie he and Dan made. Lights on the floor, puzzle taking shape, quiet all around, fire lit(much colder here) while we pause to hear your poem. Thank you for joining our evening.
love to you from us :)

lisa said...

Crystal, it's a dichotomy of heart when the expected feelings don't always appear at the proper cue during this lovely season. I liked the way they snuck up on me yesterday morning :-) And I like that my poem in East Africa touches something in you there in Aberdeen.

Thanks, Shelley.

And Sue, I can see each of you! Heather was the one to untangle and get the lights working this year at ours. Heath and Em to the rescue!

Trevor and Heather were both less than 4 weeks old at their first Christmas. They would snooze in their infant seats under the tree lights. Colin came the day after Christmas and snoozed under the lights a couple days late when we came home :-)

Danielle W. said...

wow. Really beautiful, and I completely understand. thank you so much for sharing your poetry.

sue said...

You Bordens have received especially precious gifts under your trees over the years.

lisa said...

Thanks, Danielle.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem as it expresses the mixture of feelings that Christmas evokes in many of us. Melancholy and a longing for what was... also joy as we get a glimpse of what the Incarnation means. Personally I would love to celebrate Christmas in a place like Tanzania where it would be easier to do it in a simple and autentic way. The thought that makes Christmas 'make sense' to me this year is just what you said - Emmanuel... He is present with all who struggle in poverty and oppression and is sharing in their suffering.
I always love your blog Lisa.


lisa said...

Thanks, Nina. It was a very warm but lovely Christmas here. Hoping you had a great day.


Marsha said...

I hadn't visited your site in a while. I am not particularly religious, but your words move me, often. These in particular. Thank you.

lisa said...

Thank you, Marsha. It's nice to hear from you.