Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Through the Night

And maybe now
with the space of days
i can whisper
that parting hurt

That night
when they left
and you realized
you wouldn't see them

Your tears
scalded little streaks
down your face
and didn't stop soon

It was late
and they still needed
to come
so we welcomed them

In the dark
we climbed under
our mosquito net
and huddled together

The four of us
with your quiet sobs
The only thing I knew to do
was sing

I sang the old songs
the ones that lulled
my babies
to sleep

I sang
shaking voice
shaking heart
shaking sobs

Your brother slipped out
and you slept

You found me
in the morning
curled at the foot
of my own bed

Rather than wake you
I let you be
and found a place
where there was room

You felt so bad
And I thought, "Really?
You think it bothered me,
that flickering sleep?"

Rest is relative
and on that night
there were bigger needs
to be met

We unpacked your things
at boarding school
just a few days

And it was hard
But, honestly,
it was easier for the way
we passed that night

-lisa, 11 September, 2012


Anonymous said...

Grateful for authors like you.

lisa said...

Thank you. Grateful that my words resonate with a few folks.

s white said...

Moving and because you are who you are, real words; not merely an exercise.

JB said...

i am crying mama. don't ever stop writing

lisa said...

OK, Jesse. I promise.