Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dead on My Feet (or MOG Dress Shopping is Not for the Faint of Heart)

OK, I admit I've kind of waited till the last minute to buy a dress for the wedding.  I am Mother of the (gorgeous, dreadlocked) Groom and all eyes will certainly not be fixed on me in less than 2 weeks, but I do want to like the way I look.  I have a sad little history of important occasions matched with dresses  I didn't get to pick for myself, so I'm holding on to my right to shop, it's just that I've left it rather late, giving time as other dust settled.

Yes, much busyness has played a role but, let's be honest, Heather only arrived from Tanzania on Friday and her absence has been a factor.  I might be claiming my right to dress myself, but no self-respecting mother of a teenage girl is really going to make the final choice without that stamp of approval from her fourteen year old female offspring.  I'm not gonna lie-- Heather has to weigh in on this.

So, today started with a rather innocent plan to stop at Nordstrom Rack, Macy's and Anthropologie.  How was I to know it would unfold into a major, day-long operation which saw Byron and Heather bundling seemingly endless selections to my dressing room(s).  May I just say that some of the things they brought me were completely ridiculous?  I appreciate the sentiment that they think I'm slender, but I don't know who they thought some of those things were going to fit.  We hobbled home at the end of the day, bonded, like people who have been through crisis together and survived, and, best of all, we secured a dress!  (Turns out, they're pretty good personal shoppers.)

Well, I've figured out that I'm in a no-woman's-land between youthful and matronly attire.  If I lean toward the cute, younger styles, I immediately look silly.  If I I lean toward the classic, grown up woman styles, I immediately look significantly more boring than I feel.

In the end, I think we hit a happy balance of sorts...  Truth is, I came home with three dresses from which to make the final choice.   (Oh the wonder of the convenient return policies in the States!) You see, the dress is just the beginning.  I now have to factor in where I'm going to land on the Plain&Practical -- Pretty&Painful spectrum of shoes and, after that, I'll need to think about, you know,  earrings and such.  In the end, I'm sure I'll fall somewhere fun but safe on the shoes and wear simple jewelry I already own.  What I really need to think about is if there is time between now and the wedding to learn how to properly apply natural yet amazing looking make-up.  #thingsiwishiknewhowtodo

Wish me luck!


Pam said...

lisa! First, so excited about the upcoming wedding! I can't wait to see pictures! As for wedding makeup... the make up stores in the mall will do a makeover for you (for free, its their way of trying to ge tyou to buy their stuff.) I paid close attention to their instructions and learned how to apply makeup for my wedding that way. I also went to target after and picked up whatever I could that closely resembled what they were trying to sell me. It worked out well :)

DrsMyhre said...

Oh my, your post makes me want to consider buying it from you in case any of my kids get married . . . seriously I'm a HORRIBLE shopper, and only by extreme mercy from God did I find a banquet dress for Julia on my own in America, mostly because it was the only relatively modest thing on 90% markdown (I texted her a picture and she accepted). I can so imagine the dilemas after trying on dresses for her. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Have a blast. Whenever I see Heather I think of Collin and hope your family is thriving. Jennifer at Kijabe

Carolyn said...

Ha, Lisa, I just went through the same thing when I officiated my cousin's wedding in Colo! I totally felt the same way; not young enough, not old enough.....certainly, someone needs to be making more stylish frocks for us "in-betweeners"! :-)

Looking forward to the pics.

the Bride to be. said...

This is my happy face: :D

a girl who collects shells said...


lisa said...

Jennifer, you have Super Mothering Skills to be able to pick a dress for Julia from thousands of miles away. Heather is only a freshman and I've already wondered (worried) how we'll get a dress for banquet in a couple of years. Yikes! Well done!

Carolyn, we need a line called Fun Frocks for the Fifties :-)

Bride to be, I like your happy face.

Shell girl, one of these days, I might learn!


Nina said...

This made me laugh :) I know exactly what you mean about being somewhere between 'young' and 'old'... feeling young and yet feeling you should somehow conform to the more mature/appropriate look. I'm sure you will look stunning though on this happy day!

Sue said...

I am delighted to say you did look absolutely stunning wearing the final dress of choice. Smart to have brought your personal shoppers along. Definitely worth all the effort. Well done, Lisa, well done!

Mummsie said...

I haven't had time to read your blogs until today, and it makes me tired even hearing about the shopping. But you did very well. You, Byron, the bride and groom and the pretty attendant girls and the handsome groomsmen were fab.