Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taste and See

It's just that my heart can be so small
pieced together with scraps
pinched, tired and tragic

I feel a stone there beneath my breast
weighted with distractions
wary, watchful, worn

But you,
You say "Taste this!"
Triumphant grin, open palm

I take it in hand
set it softly on my tongue,
let the moment slow right down

And it truly is marvelous
unbelievable, really
a wonder, if I may hyperbolize

Scrappy little heart softens,
plumps up

Not because the gift is so reviving, no
It's something altogether bigger
than taste on tongue

It's you, smiling there
inviting me to pause, consider
that what's ahead is sweet and good

And you are in it
with endless choice samples
of a savory, satisfying life

-lisa, 30 April, 2013


Carolyn Duke Anderson said...

Thank you. <3

jane hasik said...

read this today and it brought tears to my eyes. thank you, Lisa!