Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thoughts for Advent: Day Eleven

A Poem for Day Eleven

There was a night
as I carried Heather
we had to flee

Friends at our door said
Hide in our village

Bandits were close
Our house
the only nearby attraction

Husband was hours away
and I was there with
three little boys

We gathered and locked up
Hushed and hurried
a heavy mama with her brood

Light fell as we
followed the trail
away from home

Two clear memories

We were safe
Loved and
looked out for

Also, at seven months along
I ached significantly
on that cow skin bed

Fifteen years on
I wake to
new-felt thanks

With one tough night
sheltered in that meager mud home
little goats stirring by my head

(in the smallest

I hold a memory
that helps me
enter the story

-lisa, 11 December, 2013


Mama Mpira said...

Loved this, Lisa. The image of you sleeping with goats connects so well with Mary's story.

Carolyn Duke Anderson said...

I especially like what you say about having been safe, loved, and cared for. What else could be more important? :-) I am glad that you had neighbors who cared, and who had a place for you. Isn't it amazing how God provides these situations for us, to gain insight & wisdom?