Monday, December 09, 2013

Thoughts for Advent: Day Nine

A Poem for Day Nine

This is a risky business
this rising early
to Advent with you

What if I creep out of bed
light the candle
and don't find you

What then?

Even as I write these words
I feel a giggle start to roll

You who rended heaven
to send a precariously helpless babe

Allowed that one to be raised
in this deeply broken place

Let him grow to his full manhood
only to watch him meet the bitterest of bitter ends

All this

All this that we might begin to know you
To bridge the chasm that we might connect

The fear that I could turn toward you
only to be stood up
strikes me this breaking morning
as laughable

Thank you for the soft reminder
that, yes, one of us is prone to ditch the other
And that someone
isn't you

-lisa, 9 December, 2013


Alisa Wright said...

Love it, Lis!

Katrina Quinn said...

Thank you for this!