Saturday, December 07, 2013

Thoughts for Advent: Day Seven

A Poem for Day Seven

We moved recently
Packed our bags and drove out of town

Sounds very neat
when put that way
A tidy task of transportation

In reality
We struggled hard
to shift our stuff

Mountains of belongings
a landslide of accouterments
an explosion of paraphernalia
Even after paring down

It's embarrassing
(How is it possible
we need this junk?)

This is a symptom of
an overweight heart

As days of Advent accelerate
the pull to purchase 
powers up

Slim down

Perhaps this Christmas
we can learn from you
and give each other
the gift of presence

-lisa, 7 December, 2013

1 comment:

Carolyn Duke Anderson said...

And what a gift it is!