Sunday, October 08, 2006

Apparently I Have Issues

I have 868 mails in my in-box. I need to sit at the dining room table for a long time and go through them and empty that sucker out.

Jesse said I should just go through them fast and delete many at a time. I didn't know how to do that but he showed me and it was pretty neato. So then he said I should start at the bottom of the box and move up, making great swipes through the box and clearing happy swathes upward and onward to the utopia of an empty in-box.

But I said I can't do that yet cuz some of those mails have to be saved. He said, "So move them to where you save them." I said, "Well, I don't know where I want to save some of them yet." (I have files for lots of things but not for all things.) He said, "You have issues."

But then he said I don't really (have issues). He said he understood cuz he has a hundred or so in his box too. I said "100! I have almost 900!"

He said, "Oh my gosh, I take it back! YOU DO HAVE ISSUES!"

It's good to have an 19 and a half year old son around to let you know you have problems.


spain dad said...

Hey Lisa. We've surfaced! And we had a good night of sleep last night with little Alleke. We're so proud of her!

Maybe you, April and I could start an email support group because around Christmas time of last year we both had about 1000 emails in our inbox. We've been taking lessons from Troy Cady and Kelly Wills on how to behave more appropriately with emails, and I'm happy to say I'm down to 264 (still pathtetic, but I'm a happy camper!).

Thanks for your kind email. You're the best! Miss you.

lisa said...

Yes, I seem to recall April sitting by our fire as she tried to rid the inbox of close to 1,000 mails...

Glad to know ya'll are making progress :-)

Miss you too!

jesse said...

yay i am finally quoted on your blog!
love you mom! Too much. its nice to be down here and be able to sit on the end of your bed when i want.