Sunday, January 28, 2007

Colin's Feet

This is Colin's self-portrait that he took last week.

I think it's a cool photo and have been wanting a reason to post it. So... I finally found one.

Colin's soccer team lost today but he scored his team's one goal. It was a really nice goal too. The goalie kicked it out and it came to Colin. He chipped it up over the defenders and it sunk in behind the goalie who was still just a little out of his place.

Very nice indeed.

Just thought I'd show you the feet that scored that pretty goal :-)


colin said...

i should be a foot model

jesse said...

yah deffinately colin!

sue said...

Colin - Wish we were there to see it sink in behind the goalie. You have inspired Bruce w/ your amazing ability to handle the ball. Love from your fan club - Kleins

jenelle said...

I'm in the fan club, too. go go superstud, colin!

Rebecca said...

I think we should start a foot meme...I have the ugliest feet on the planet.....nice to see that there are still pretty ones!

cari said...

So I sent you a letter last week, and it came back today... I think because it was a homemade envelope and I think your address fell off. So that's real lame. Never fear though, I will change the envelops and resend it.
And Jesse and Colin are ridiculous.

lol, talk to you later:)