Friday, February 02, 2007


We've been all over the place.

There was a point a couple of weeks ago when I was in Ireland at meetings, Byron was in the Netherlands attending a memorial service for a dear friend, Trevor was in India, Jesse was in Santa Barbara and Colin and Heather were in LA! It was crazy!

Trevor got back from India and Singapore on Tuesday morning early. He had a wonderful three weeks with my Dad, staying in Indian homes and discovering new friends.

This afternoon Jesse arrived by train from Santa Barbara and for a few hours this evening, all six of us Bordens have been together. Tomorrow morning Byron will be driving to Phoenix with Jesse, Trevor and three friends, to attend a conference for students.

But tonight the six of us jammed into one booth at a favorite local Mexican eatery. We scarfed down the chips, devoured the burritos and laughed a lot.

It was divine :-)

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Lassiter Family said...

It really is such a fantastic thing to have the whole family gathered in one place. I'm glad you got to enjoy one another for a bit. Blessings!