Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Helping Trevor Become Trevor

Trevor is 17 and finishing up his senior year of high school.

Trevor is a great guy. Even so, Trevor is not yet fully himself. I want Trevor to keep becoming Trevor.

Trevor is Trevor today and he was Trevor yesterday and he will be Trevor tomorrow. But I know that as God made Trevor, he was dreaming of a fully loaded technicolor version that none of us have seen yet.

My job, as Trevor's mom, is to help Trevor become himself.

I don't know the inside track to this. I don't know, as we look together at the university options before him, which place is really going to be the best place for who he is and who he is becoming. I have some ideas. I have some inklings. I have some intuitions.

But they could be wrong and anyway, it is not my place to tell Trevor where to go for his degree.

It's my job to help Trevor find his way.

Father, you were dreaming Trevor dreams as you created him in the depths of me. I think you were smiling and laughing as you thought about the boy/ man you were fashioning. You saw him in your mind's eye, fully formed, fully himself, reflecting you in the way that only he could.

Oh dearest Father, would you please guide Trevor into the path that takes him into the fullness of who you dream him to be? Help Byron and me to be midwives in this process. We want to see him birthed into all you have for him.

We are frail and falable. Steady our hands, guard our words, grace our weakness with yourself.

This is your boy. Our delight... but your son.


Jesse said...

where is that picture of trevor from?

lisa said...

The day we spent with Uhlers at El Cap.

Sue said...

A lovely picture of Trevor! I love seeing the same man/boy face that is on our slide of Trevor sitting on a lawn chair, wearing a birthday crown, while holding a cutie puppy on his lap during Byron's birthday celebration back when Dan and crew were out in Africa rebuilding your home.

Same boy, same man, that God dreamt about as He formed Trevor. Praying with you for dreams to take flight and show its way to that fine boy/man of yours!

shelley said...

I have to steal this...what beautiful words! My boy only just turned 5, but we're entering new territory ourselves and your words are so encouraging to me.

And tell Trevor if he wants to go to school in Texas, we'll take care of him.

Trevor said...

well i feel slightly awkward...

linda said...

be prayerful - but my advice would be let him choose for himself. I remember my parents pushing me to go to one particular university which was closer to home and which they thought was more suitable. I was determined to go elsewhere. I had my way and it ended up being the place where I returned to my christian faith.