Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Getting Up!

I really didn't want to get up today. OK, yea, we were awakened several times in the night messaging back and forth with Trevor to find out when to pick him up where after his adventures at the prom. (Yes, he looked very cute all spiffed up!) But that wasn't it.

With three weeks till fly time I am fighting the feeling of checking out when I really cannot afford to check out. I need to stay engaged because there are details that I need to tend to.

But I told Byron I couldn't get out of bed because I was nauseated. He looked alarmed, or course, but I said:

"Not REALLY! Just figuratively. I can't get out of bed because I will continue to feel like throwing up until I know that the dog's travel arrangements are in place, that the check we posted by secure post to our bank (for $13,000!) is not lost after all, and that the shipper has finalized details and is coming for our little crate."

Byron laughed. He laughed at me!

"Don't laugh at me! I need you!" I responded.

"What do you need?" he said with his cute face on.

"I need some of your fried eggs," I answered, pulling the duvet up over my nose.

It's later now. I'm out of bed. I'm showered and dressed and ready to face the do list once again.

Beautiful isn't it how fried eggs with toast and a cup of tea give me courage for the tasks ahead :-)

(I do wonder how I would manage without the Egg Man.)


Rachel said...

Lisa, you make me smile. Pray for us young twenty-somethings to find our own egg-men so we have cute stories like that to tell. : )

Thinking of you guys as you get ready!


Sue said...

Yes..Egg Men are needed!! Women are powerful, amazing, beautiful, lovely creatures made in the image of God. He truly desires Egg Men for each and everyone of us.

Byron: You are definitely on my GOOD list for treating Lisa to eggs!

God, bring on the Egg Men for all our sweet girls!

lisa said...

Rachel, what do you think I pray about when I'm awake in the middle of the night? Good men for all the good women I know, that's what! (And a few other things...)

Sue, I'm glad Byron is on your good list ;-) Sounds like our kids had fun at the prom!

Jenelle said...

..and I'm sure glad God keeps you up at late to pray for my egg-head husband guy! (I mean, egg-guy one day man.) I'm pretty sure that your prayers wear leather coats and drive motorcycles.

Lassiter Family said...

I can't believe you are 3 weeks from fly day! I've been praying for all of you. If you have a specific way I can pray, please email me! I'd be honored to lift your family up. I'm excited and a tad jealous that you're so near to arriving in Africa!

Anonymous said...

last week, headed into week four of no furniture, which somehow puts off really feeling "here", i kept wishing to go out for my cafe con leche, croissant, and fresh squeezed juice that make breakfasting in this country a delight - finally "treated" ourselves to breakfast and my mood immediately lifted. often i wonder how i can be so easily satisfied, and then follow that with the wonder of why I don't then just find the cafe a little sooner. glad to hear i'm not the only one who looks up with a good breakfast :)


Carolyn said...

Maybe I'm just sleep deprived, but for some reason, the song is in my head, with words changed, to, "I am the egg man, I am the egg man, I am the Walrus, goo goo gjoob...." Go figure. You could pray for an egg man for me, too please! :-) (Without the walrus).