Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Broken Nation

Please pray for this nation, the United States, today as there are reports of copy-cat threats emerging since the airing of videos made by the Virginia Tech killer.

There are so many directions that I'd like to point my finger.... irresponsible media heading the list right now.

But pointing fingers never really helped anything.

We are a nation of empty souls, desperately in need of filling.

Your prayers are appreciated.


Rachel said...

I'm right there with you, Lisa. I vacillate between wishing I was a citizen of another country someplace peaceful and far away - but I know that many nations are far shorter on peace than we are here - and then I realize that in all its madness and brokenness, the United States is still my country. That reality, though, seems a bit hard to bear at the moment. Especially when I want to strangle the folks at NBC.

lisa said...

i was just telling a friend from college that as much as i get frustrated with things here, i always thnk of my African friends telling me that it blows their minds the way we pass power or change governments without a bloodbath. there is much to be frustrated about here, yet so many people in the world are longing to cast one free vote in one free election. sigh.