Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our House.... Not in the middle of the street!

This is where we lived from 1989-1999 in the Loita Hills of southern Kenya. It's a long way from anywhere else :-) Hennie Marais in England sent us this photo yesterday. He was there recently.

I post it for Carrie because she lived here on this same clearing as a little girl before our family did. Her house sat right where this one does but it was made of wood and, sadly, it was destroyed by fire a couple of years after we moved in. We built this one out of stabilized soil blocks, which are very like adobe blocks. Byron and a crew of Maasai friends made them. It's a great house. Now our very dear friends at Walking With Maasai headquarter there.

So here's a shout out, (though they rarely have the chance to go on-line,) to our friends at Walking with Maasai: Andre, Kashu, David and Francis... We love you and pretty much think the world of you!


Lassiter Family said...

As silly as this may seem, that picture caught me completely off guard and I started crying. When I am going through the motions of my everyday life, I often inadvertently push these small things that make me who I am to the back of my mind. Sometimes, something jumps out to remind me of who I am and where I come from. Thanks, Lisa!

lisa said...

Byron, Trevor and I were together looking at the photos that Hennie sent. This one of the house and clearing really impacted us as well. I didn't cry but I felt like I was going to! I'm glad this photo made you cry (in a nice way, of course!) It's so good to remember.... helps us understand ourselves and helps us keep growing into who we are becoming.