Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Gifts

Being in England with the 24-7 team was a good gift to me.
Sure, it felt kind of odd to turn up in London just three weeks after landing in Tanzania but I adjusted :-)

Walking along the High Street in Guilford I thought about how the shops are going to be a problem after I've been in Africa longer. Yea, the lovely displays of attractive things will be causing me to stumble when I return after a much longer stay in TZ. There are book and stationary stores, a Lush, a Body Shop, a Marks and Spencers, a nice kitchen shop etc etc. And I don't even like shopping!

The real gift of the time, though, was just being with Pete Greig, Carla Harding, Billy Kennedy, Brian Heasley, Andy Freeman, Jon Peterson and Ian Nicholson.

Then there was the cute little hat that Brian Heasley bought for Heather. We were poking around in the charity shops (thrift stores) with Billy at a lunch break and he found this cute hat and had to buy it. Heather loves it :-)

When I arrived home I found that Jesse (who was just in Portugal) had brought me olive oil from Barbara. I have a jar of oil pressed from olives harvested at the peaceful plot of the Shanti Pilgrim ! I think it's cool and wildly prophetic to have olive oil from there as we pursue community and look to settle a piece of land together here.

Well, the hurdles and hassles of moving, shipping and settling linger on but that's normal. Last night our family gathered to pray and Byron listed a bunch of the stressors before the Lord. "We don't know what to do about these but we do know this," he said. "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

We sat and sang that over and over for a little while. Ups and downs, stressors and times of joy... In it all there is that Jesus love. Now there's a good gift.


Sue said...

Strange how shopping has that pull even when we dislike all it represents! Yesterday Kenz and I shopped at AMVETS thrift store in Azusa..$13 dollars and three pairs of jeans later...we were happy!
The true gifts of life...glad for you to be in TZ, with Jesse, tossing up your stresses to God. Sing away, Borden family..we long to hear how He is providing for you with His amazing gifts!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

I'm probably not putting this comment under the right topic, but I just read your DJ article: Next Gen Wants You. Wow, now that was encouraging and timely. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have read it!

Now this is going to sound very unspiritual, but I'm just a One-woman-loving, Corvette-driving, God's mercy appreciating, 3-teen-daughter father, ex-fighter pilot, male. So what do I really have to offer another the Next Gen?

Well, a young 20 year old young man who I let borrow my car a few times for joy rides just asked me if I would do some one-on-one Bible Study with him about 2 weeks ago. I told him definitely, but I really wondered: What really have I got to offer him?

Your article was so encouraging and provided a road-map backdrop for his discipleship: Gentle Wisdom, Parental Love, Real Life, Following God together in this "dark but beautiful world."

Again, thank you so much. It was a "Good Gift" to me today, from God through you. Blessings on your fun family in TZ!

Mike "G-Man"
Louisville, KY

lisa said...

Wow! Mike! What an encouragement you are! Now tell me this... how is loving one woman, loving your kids, enjoying life and living in God's mercy unspiritual? Sounds like the ingredients of real life spirituality to me. Every blessing as you go forward living REAL life in the real world.

lisa said...
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lisa said...

Sue, one of his most amazing gifts to our family is your family :-) Miss you all!

Brian Heasley said...

i'm glad heather likes the hat. It was good to see you.

G-Man said...

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for the encouragement back... on enjoying life. May I offer one in return (I hope)?

For you and your husband, Byron: If you haven't already, check out Warran Wiersbe's message called Four Wonderful Discoveries at
in the audio sermon section. It's about some wonderful discoveries Joshua made as he was "checking things out" before the battles in the promised land.

You guys are totally courageous to be where you are. Thanks for your work there in TZ on behalf of the kingdom.