Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A House (Soon to be a Home)

We've found a house to rent at last. Can your hear our collective sigh of relief?

We're in the process of moving in and it's taking longer than we'd like due to getting the water and power sorted out and the shuttling over of about one million boxes from our container, which arrived safely from Portugal a couple of weeks ago.

The house is spacious and clean inside. The tile floors will be cold during July and August! The outside of it is a very mustardy yellow. Not so attractive but we don't mind. We're just happy to start making beds and putting things away in cupboards.

The internet access is being set up so hopefully we'll be on-line from home in the next couple of days.

So that's the brief report to say:

1) We've found a good house in a decent location
2) We're busy moving in and
3) We're happy :-)

Thanks for prayers! I'll post a photo soon.


Jenelle said...

Woooo! I can't wait to do the (little) Nelly dance on your chilled tile floors in August! If Byron is the Packing Master 5.0, does that make you the Unpacking Master 5.0?

Rachel said...

I echo Jenelle's "woooo!" Nice to think of you setting up house and seeing all your teapots and photographs after all these months.

Jenelle said...

Maybe the mustard yellow is prophetic concerning the Order of the Mustard Seed and the community that shall gather within and without your walls?

lisa said...

Ah yes! I knew there MUST be a reason to joyfully endure the landlord's paint choice :-)

And Rachel, many teapots have been unpacked so stop by any time for a cuppa tea. I WISH!

Steve said...


Just found your blog while searching for info on Arusha. My wife and I will be moving there in September, and we will remain for five months while she completes a law internship working for the UN Criminal Tribunal for the Rwanda Genocide. She's a French law student, I'm an American writer.

We'll be looking for a home, and I'm wondering if I could email you some questions, since you just went through the process yourselves.

I'll check back here to see your response. In the meantime, good luck with everything, and I hope to hear from you soon.


lisa said...

Steve, I may not be able to answer your questions but I can try :-) Fire away.

Rachel said...

Lisa - I also wish. : )


lisa said...

Steve, you can just email me at