Saturday, June 23, 2007

Video Log

Trevor has been making little video documentaries of our escapades.

Here's the first one he made and it's called "Jesse's Adventure."

Enjoy :-) PS 6,000 Tanzanian shillings is about $5.

Jesse's Adventure

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Whitney said...

That's so cute =)
Poor chicken! So how much is six thousand shillings?

lisa said...

6,000 shillings is about $5. I better add that as a PS!

Carrie said...

Pole sana, indeed. I doubt her husband will beat her now since she can buy 5 new chickens with Jesse's fee!

Kleins said...

Please send your many more videos soon as we LOVE to see and hear our favorite people in action. Heather, Colin, Jesse, and Trevor...we love and miss you!!

Sue said...

Sometimes Emily just comes to this video to see her favorite friend..Heather. Love and hugs to you sweet Heather from Emily. We have a little kitten named Ziggy. We bust up laughing at his antics and scream from pain when he attacks our feet. Joy all around!